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Precision material processing consumables for optimal performance.

Logitech consumables are carefully chosen to work in unison with our sample processing systems.

In-house research and analysis provides us with the know how to achieve the best results across a wide range of material processing applications.

Enabling you to achieve optimal performance and maximise the lifespan of your Logitech system.

  • Mounting Adhesives

    Logitech provides a range of mounting media for bonding of semiconductor, optic and geological samples.

  • Glass Microscope Slides

    Logitech glass microscope slides are used for the permanent mounting of thin rock, concrete and soil thin sections.

  • Glass Slide Coverslips

    Glass coverslips protect valuable thin sections and improve optical clarity for transmitted microscopy

  • Carrier Disc & Substrates

    Logitech glass carrier discs are used for the temporary support of both semiconductor and opto-electronics wafers during thinning and polishing operations.

  • Cleaning Fluids & Powders

    Logitech cleaning fluids and powders and non-solvent based.  They are suitable for most sample and substrate cleaning applications, including demounting of ultra-thin semiconductor wafers.